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Treatment Rhythm

We learn that people take one or two days to settle & get used to this slow and natural rhythm. We suggest adequate rest and catching up on sleep on the initial days. Don’t fear missing out because this slow rhythm and surrendering to the experience is essential and rewarding. If one is restless not being able to be in the do-nothing mode, it would be essential to let loose and try to just be and let things settle.

It’s normal to feel low during the process as the treatments are draining unlike the popular belief that it energizes day by day. There can be both physical and emotional drain, during the process and it’s necessary to just let it happen and witness it instead of getting entangled with it & hampering the process.

During the mid-phase of the treatment process, there can be some flare-ups, both physically and emotionally which starts to settle down after the subsequent purification phase however the purifications treatments are also physically draining and the next phase of treatments would help one recover from it but the recovery continues even after going from here and hence we suggest rest during the initial days after leaving SDJ.

At the end of a stay, there would be some sense of equilibrium and wellbeing but this is just the beginning the expected benefit starts here. Generally, it is seen that most patients respond positively in 3 months after the completion of treatments.


One’s experience and benefits with the treatments are also determined by the positive mindset, faith in Ayurveda & surrendering to the process to go with the natural flow:
  1. During treatment, there is a common misconception that people will feel good day by day, but, with all the changes happening due to the treatments, one can experience a sense of tiredness during the treatments and in a few cases, there can be a temporary exaggeration of the presenting complaints also. Fluctuations in blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep, evacuations, hunger etc are common.
  2. The extent of cure and time taken to experience the betterment depends upon the nature of a person, the nature of the problem, the chronicity of the problem, associated ailments, thoroughness in following the physician’s advice, Mind-set of the person, Faith of the person and even the astrological time cycle which is influencing the person.
  3. Generally, it is seen that most patients respond positively in 3 months after the completion of treatments as it takes time to get back to the normal rhythm. Ayurveda is not a magical system that can guarantee a complete cure for all diseases with Panchakarma treatment.
  4. Ayurveda treatments are not immediate alternatives for the allopathic medications & one cannot expect to quit one’s allopathic medicines by the end of or during the treatments. One might have to continue the regular allopathic medicines until advised otherwise. Please ensure you bring the regular supply of allopathic medication for the entire duration of your stay.
  5. We cannot predict the outcome of the treatments as it could be appreciated only after the treatments and we do not offer any guarantee on outcome.
  6. During Ayurveda treatments, to enjoy the goodness of the treatments, we request you to be an observer of treatments and processes instead of inquisitively trying to analyse the treatments even if you are very knowledgeable about Ayurveda. Also, we do not encourage questions like “What is my Prakriti? What is my Dosha?” etc which are huge topics that need a lot of explanation.
  7. A peaceful and positive mindset is required to get the full benefit from the treatments. Avoid subjects, topics, activities, thoughts & situations that may contribute to the provocation of emotional outbursts. Faith in Ayurveda and faith in the treatments offered will also contribute to results.