Ayurveda, as practiced in SDJ, can indeed change your life, as it will have a healing effect on both your physical and mental state. Beautiful Accommodation, caring and competent Doctors, and best food in the world, kind, sweet and caring therapists, and wonderful treatment rooms and on the whole everything was excellent. Thank you to everyone contributing to the patient's wellbeing in SDJ.

“I think the definition of my 21 days of treatment on SDJ Ayurvedalaya in December and January is CARE. It was the most special thing that I did for myself. Very subtle and deep purification made with great care and affection. SDJ Ayurvedalaya is like home for me now. And I'm looking forward to coming back.

I was very happy that the physical facility- the common areas, rooms and treatment place are extremely clean and aesthetically very pleasing. I was also impressed by the sincerity of doctors and their strict adherence to the traditional Ayurvedic texts while designing a treatment. It was overall a very pleasant experience.

My four weeks of treatment was “Health & Happiness”, “Laughter & Leisure”, “Learning & letting go” Everyone here has a happy disposition towards their own responsibilities which I appreciate and admired during my four weeks of stay. Dr.Parthasarathy and Dr.Saraniya, Thank you very much for everything.

I thank the professionalism of the staff and particularly that of the two doctors who are very attentive to the patients. I go home with my mind and body in total harmony and peace. I was very touched by the integration of sacredness in the treatments and in the place. I feel touched by the grace that transformed me. This is the best place for Ayurvedic treatment.

SDJ Ayurvedalaya is an oasis of health and well being. Everything you need to achieve your “health goal” is given. The doctors are excellent. They are kind and caring but to the point they are great teachers and inform you what is required for overall success in your health development. Everything at SDJ tells a story of holistic healing, health and wellbeing.

Ambience at the hospital, the doctors' caring approach and availability, the comfortable accommodation, the tasteful food, the proficiency of the therapists and the impeccable cleanliness of the place are just superb. These are all promising ingredients for this Ayurveda hospital, founded by Pujya swami Dayananda Saraswati, to rank amongst the best in the very near future.

My heartfelt thanks to Pujya swamiji Dayananda Maharaj, the embodiment of compassion, who had the initiative of having an Ayurvedic hospital. Dr.Parthasarathy and Dr.saraniya have been selected and blessed by Pujya swamiji to run the Ayurvedalaya. They are the two pillars, they maintain discipline in the staff, authenticity in the treatment, and are available for any question on the part of the patient for reassurance. All details from pharmacy to kitchen are taken care of with sincerity, devotion due to their love and dedication to Pujya swamiji. I have been admitted to different hospitals on different occasions but I find some uniqueness here.

I had an awesome stay over here. It is an amazing and incredible experience all the way. SDJ is like a temple and you are treated with at most love, care, concern and compassion. For me it is like a rebirth and an ultimate blessing and great feeling with all the benevolent thoughts and wisdom shared by respected Dr Parthasarathy and Dr Saraniya and what an amazing staff! I salute you all for the great dedication, devotion and professionalism with your work and last but not the least, what an amazing and delicious food, it was a heavenly experience.

My admission at SDJ Ayurvedalaya was an exhilarating experience. Dr. Parthasarathy and Dr. Saranya looked after me with utmost care and concern. They instilled a lot of confidence about the treatment outcome. A special mention of the therapists has to be made....their soothing swiping movements with the background chants added calmness to the therapy. Overall everyone did their best with a smile to ensure that my stay was comfortable and they were ever ready to attend to our smallest demands and enquiries willingly... CHEERS TO THE WHOLE TEAM.

Dear Dr.Parthasarathy and Dr.Saranya. At the onset I must thank you and congratulate you for your hospitality and going the extra mile to make us feel at home. Congratulations on your efforts to create such a culture. Your personal beliefs with regards to patients can have permeated through the entire hospital and are visible. Your enthusiasm, openness and willingness to share your knowledge are highly commendable. My outlook on people and life has changed somewhat after meeting you. Look forward to returning.

This hospital has to be one of the best places in India for healing and community. The care is outstanding on every level. And the natural setting is stunning. Thank you Pujya Swamiji for your vision and thank you each and every hospital staff, for nurturing me. It was a wonderful experience in total.

I feel a new lease on my life, after spending three weeks at SDJ Ayurvedalaya. My mind is serene and the bodily aches and pain have vanished. Feel as though I am only going to start living “now”. Until undergoing the treatments, I felt like I was just dragging myself around as if I had a ton of weight- physical, emotional and mental. I Feel eternally grateful to the grace that brought me here to receive professional treatment by the guidance of Dr. Parthasarathy and Dr.Saraniya. I would recommend anyone that wants to continue life with joy, health and happiness to come to SDJ Ayurvedalaya.

It is an incredible treatment center for general well being and understanding of ayurveda which I have not found anywhere in the world. Both Dr. Parthasarathy and Dr Saraniya have in-depth knowledge of ayurveda and opened my eyes about food and our eating habits. It was a refreshing experience for me.What Dr. Parthasarathy knows is so insightful, that this alone will suffice one to come to this facility.

This place is very inviting and accommodative to every need of an individual. Every person is humble, diligent in their occupation and caters to individual patrons to their best possible ability. This place does not seem like a commercial hospital, you feel as though you are taking treatment at home. The entire staff have done a superb job and they went above and beyond my expectations. I would like to highly recommend this place to people who want a positive change in their own life.

What makes SDJ Ayurvedalaya shine positively in the field of ayurveda treatment is its traditional and strict adherence to age-old proven Vedic principles, the professional and dedicated attitude of all the staff from the kitchen to the therapists and doctors and the affordable prices.

My wife and I wanted an authentic Ayurveda experience and we certainly found it here at SDJ. The location is very peaceful & green with many varieties of shrubs and trees. The practice of growing many of their own herbs and plants using organic techniques is very pleasing. With none of the usual distractions of India, the environment is perfect for wellness. If you wish to get better under the guidance of knowledgeable doctors and talented therapists then SDJ Ayurvedalaya is like coming home.

SDJ Ayurvedalaya is an excellent institution. The treatments are highly effective, the environs are pleasant and offer wonderful views, and the doctors and staff are very attentive and helpful .There are spiritual benefits to the individualized care plan as well. My stay was refreshing in more ways than the physical. Patients are well kept physically, mentally, and spiritually and make improvements in all the three areas by the time of their departure.

We were happy with the hospital and the surroundings. The room was bright, very clean and spacious. The doctors and the whole staff were extremely friendly, approachable, helpful and interested in our concerns. Food was sufficient and tasty and was served very hygienically. Punctuality was always to be pointed. Treatment rooms were clean and nicely furnished and good.

Some aspects stand out. The patience of the doctors to explain the treatment and the underlying concepts and the dedication and commitment of the therapists. An outstanding example of a holistic living approach, explained with reference to ancient texts. A truly wonderful experience.